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Text Messages Online / Visible Text Tracker & Phone Log with GPS - Web Interface

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Features :

✓  App Icon is Visible.
✓  Messages and Log on Web
✓  Very easy to use. No setup.

Visible Text Tracker Web - Messages and Phone Logs will be saved on server. Feel free to access as and when you want.

✓  Text Tracker and Phone Log along with GPS - with Web Interface - Very Easy to use App.
✓  Text Tracker App saves, Text Messages and Phone Log / Call Log with GPS on server.
✓  App User can access Text Messages and Phone Log as and when they want.
✓  Allows you to take back-up of your Text Message & Phone Log.
✓  Icon is Visible and not Invisible. If you have specific requirement for invisible App, please Click Here.

For more information and to check out other Apps, please Click Here

If you want to uninstall Text Tracker & Phone Log GPS App with Web Interface, please follow:

Settings → Manage applications → WebTxt → Uninstall

This Text Tracker & Phone Log App with Web Interface is being used by many users without any issue. If you are having issues, the best thing is to uninstall and install it again - make sure that you use same user id. If you still have an issue, uninstall an App immediately and write to us and we will get back to you. Please don't use the App still we will get back to you.

No Spy. Text Tracker App cannot be used for Spying. It's illegal to use for 'text spy' or as a 'phone spy'. It's very important that you will understand Phone Log App thoroughly before use. This App may not be compatible to your device. Please check applicable local laws before use.

How many types of different Text Tracking Apps do you have?
We are having following Text Tracking Apps:

Invisible Text Tracker
• Invisible / Hidden App
• App opens just by dialing Secrete code
• Messages and Phone log stored only and only in Phone.
• No Server Integration

Invisible Text Tracker Web
• Invisible / Hidden App
• App opens just by dialing Secrete code
• View Messages & Call Logs on Web

Invisible Text Tracker Email
• Invisible / Hidden App
• App opens just by dialing Secrete code
• View Messages & Call Logs via Email

Visible Text Tracker Web
• App Icon is Visible
• View Messages & Call Logs on Web

Visible Text Tracker Email
• App Icon is Visible
• View Messages & Call Logs via Email

Is this App Free?
During Trial Period, this App is absolutely FREE. If you like App, you have to pay. App price starts just from couple of dollars. If you are looking for an absolutely FREE App, this is not the right app for you.

What's the difference between Trial Version and Paid Version?
Absolutely No Difference. Yes, you heard correct. No Difference at all. You will get what you see. We are lot different than others. Other Company's show you little and promise lot of things to get business. Once customer pays and if they don't get what they want, it's pretty obvious that they will get upset and we don't want our customer to get upset at all. So, enjoy trial period and we do give One Day Free service every now and then.

Most of the companies doesn't give full version as a trial while we gave full fledged version as a trial version - we deliver what we promise. BTW - just for information, before designing of this App, expert have worked with Accenture, E&Y, and other fortune 500 companies. So, just to test us, check out trial version thoroughly, if you need more time to test it thoroughly, just make a small payment of couple of dollars to enjoy this Great App for some more time. Please select longer time subscription only if you are totally satisfied as we are unable to process refunds. Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.

I highly recommend you try it.
Michael Sealy on Feb 21, 2014 at 10:07 AM
The product does as it states, it works. I highly recommend you try it.

Very creative App…
Posted by Michael Andre Cardin at 11:18 AM
TT Visible Web is a creative app that allows you to review your text messages on the web whenever you can't be on your phone. From what I can see of the service so far it is easy to set up, easy to use and very handy to have. Try it at

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